The Executive Committee of Na Sevana Community Development Project will take the total responsibility of managing the project and skill training component of the project. The staff needed for the project will be determined by the Executive Committee and
will work in conjunction with local expatriates who will be employed for the purpose of facilitating the training component. Further personnel such as Human Resources Managers, Project Managers and Administrative Assistants will be employed to ensure the smooth running of the project.

Considering the difficulty in gaining employment opportunities for women, recruitment will be made on a basis of 60% female and 40% male. Nevertheless, this depends on the nature of the exact work opportunities available.

The project will always be mindful of the need to be responsive to the perceptions of the villagers who are both the authors and the beneficiaries of development.




Interest in eco-tourism will be generated with increased number of foreigners seeking spiritual growth and rejuvenation through the meditation centre.

Commercial activities through agriculture and dairy products industry will benefit the local economy.

Empowering the local community, particularly the women and underprivileged of the locality who will be able to reap benefits from opportunities within their grasp.

Sustainability is ensured by means of retailing various products and produce at local and urban markets enabling the continuous contribution towards the economy.